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Hotel Village Mathios

In-house Restaurant

At “Mathios” restaurant , the Mediterranean cuisine meets the contemporary Greek one, preserving always as a base for the secret of its food success , the pure and fresh ingredients provided by local producers of Santorini.

The restaurant’s elegant and warm environment , embraces and welcomes you in a place made with meraki and love. The menu’ s gastronomic choices bewitch you and give you a full savor from each one of the ingredients we use , it deserves to be accompanied with the Santorinian variety of wines we have at your disposal.

The restaurant’s staff , hospitable and always agreeable , is there in order to provide you with delicious and original ideas of the traditional cuisine.

Our restaurant’s gastronomic creations , are around you even at the most agreeable moments of your life.

We welcome you

Make sure you try our home made Mathios Wine!

Drinking wine is like listening to music... Enjoy your food at our restaurant while accompanying your meal with our fine, organic, homemade wine. Perfect for those that want to try a glass of something new and different. it's the most unique wine you may ever taste!