Our Location in Akrotiri

One of the most wonderful pleasures in life is enjoying a beautiful landscape. Santorini is widely known as one of the gems of Greece’s majestic landmarks. And if you really want to enjoy magical Santorini, you are welcome to Mathios Village. In medieval times, Akrotiri was one of the five fortified settlements of the island and a most important prehistoric one, in the Aegean. Apart from having some of the best views, as far as Oia, magnificent sunsets, wonderful fish taverns, peaceful beaches and unique Cycladic churches, it is also home to two of Santorini’s jewels: the Akrotiri Excavations and Akrotiri venetian Castle.


Hotel Villa Mathios

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Set amongst the green vineyards of the peaceful Akrotiri village, only a short distance away from the volkanic red and white beaches, caldera and the world famous arcaelogical site, this is the best place to stay.